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Name:The Blu Wits
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:musebox, roleplay, rp
This is the personal musebox for [personal profile] blu667 and friends.

Please be aware that this community may have content not suitable for minors.

Muse List:

[Chrono Crusade]Chrono|[personal profile] sinner_of_time

[D.Gray-man]Yu Kanda|[personal profile] puddle_monster
[D.Gray-man]Yu Kanda|[personal profile] yu_kanda

[DOGS: Bullets&Carnage]Badou Nails|[personal profile] badou_nails

[Fullmetal Alchemist]Lust|[personal profile] dreadfullysinful

[Marvel movie-verse]Thor|[personal profile] give_me_my_life

[Naruto]Orochimaru|[personal profile] sneaky_snake

[Steam Powered Giraffe]The Spine|[personal profile] titanium_backstory

[Tales of the Abyss]Jade Curtiss|[personal profile] back_off_my_sister

[OC]Etienne|[personal profile] tealseagull
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